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How to schedule an appointment

Email Nakea to   Or you can schedule online 

Please provide the information of the person who is coming in for the massage. 

1) First and Last name

2) Email address

3) mobile phone number

4)  date and time frame you are looking to schedule   *appointments only available on Tuesday and Saturdays  11am-7pm*

5) If using a voucher for the appointment....please provide the voucher redemption code (numbers 7-8 digits long/no letters include-located under the bar code)

6) Once you are scheduled, you will receive a confirmation text and email of the appointment,  If the appointment you are requesting is not available, Nakea will contact you via email letting you know what is available and for you to choose the date and time out of the selection that works for you. 


If you have any questions, please contact Nakea via phone/text  619-456-8662  or email

If you do not know what kind of massage you need to schedule for please go to the page of Services Provided to read what each massage includes.

To Schedule online

Click the link below to be taken to the scheduling site.

Clients using a voucher please input the voucher redemption code in the section "Appointment Notes"

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